Bech32 address support


I can’t send BTC from Bisq to a Wasabi wallet…are there plans to support Bech32 addresses?

Wasabi is a really good privacy wallet that would go hand in hand with Bisq.


Sure, devs would love to support bech and segwit, but due to some technical reasons, that isn’t really possible at the moment.

Currently lack of developers is really our main problem. We could change Bisq’s Bitcoin wallet implementation to Bitcoin Core, if we had devs that can look into it.


Bisq uses the bitcoinj library.
And bitcoinj doesn’t actually support bech32 addresses.
afaiu, this is the point.

But yes, wasabi seems indeed an interesting developement.


Is it possible to send from Wasabi to Bisq?

Add me to the list of users hoping to get support for Bech32!


As long as Wasabi supports sending bitcoins to regular Bitcoin addresses, it should be fine.
I assume wallets should always support sending coins to legacy addresses, after all, they are still most used.