Bech32 address support

I can’t send BTC from Bisq to a Wasabi wallet…are there plans to support Bech32 addresses?

Wasabi is a really good privacy wallet that would go hand in hand with Bisq.


Sure, devs would love to support bech and segwit, but due to some technical reasons, that isn’t really possible at the moment.

Currently lack of developers is really our main problem. We could change Bisq’s Bitcoin wallet implementation to Bitcoin Core, if we had devs that can look into it.


Bisq uses the bitcoinj library.
And bitcoinj doesn’t actually support bech32 addresses.
afaiu, this is the point.

But yes, wasabi seems indeed an interesting developement.

Is it possible to send from Wasabi to Bisq?

Add me to the list of users hoping to get support for Bech32!


As long as Wasabi supports sending bitcoins to regular Bitcoin addresses, it should be fine.
I assume wallets should always support sending coins to legacy addresses, after all, they are still most used.

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I sort-of-kind-of found a workaround for this with Electrum (which apparently won’t generate non-Bech32 addresses). I fire up a client that uses 1* style addresses and then import the keys. This way I can use Electrum to suck the balance out of Bisq, and then use Electrum’s full feature set to send them on to somewhere else. Keep in mind if you do this your Electrum seed phrase won’t restore the imported addresses, so I immediately re-spend the balance to wherever it was going to.

For example, the mobile client Jaxx can display the private key, K…blahblah… In Electrum, create a new wallet from the by restoring from the private key. If you want more addresses, the Electrum Python console can take them in with the command importprivkey(“K…blahblah…”).

Bitcoin core (just set the proxy to something that doesn’t exist, port 9999 or whatever, if you don’t want to download the 200 GB blockchain) by default produces 3* style addresses, but Electrum imports them to 1* style addresses, so I worry about losing coins if I do that. The console command
getnewaddress “” “legacy”
will get you an old-style 1* address and then dumpprivkey on it. When Electrum imports that you get the same 1* address Bitcoin Core was showing.

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Add me to the list of those wanting to see this supported! :slight_smile:

Add me too to the list. very interesting


I just saw that has bip141 label, which suggests some form of SegWit support. With that said, where are we in terms of enabling sending to bech32 or receiving bech32 addresses in Bisq?

I think more than a few months out

Thanks. That’s good news. Looks like there are some build/CI issues, but I do hope to see this in 1.1.0. Wish I could code myself to help :slight_smile:

How far from happening is the pull request to update to a recent version of BitcoinJ that was mentioned in issue 1139?
It would be great to have modern adresses that support segwit in BISQ

There is a Pull Request which is ready for that,
see to have it’s exact status.
see also the last message from

It was discussed on some dev call and my understanding is that it is quite an important change and as such will require important testing.
The dev in charge of the PR is also not available atm, so we’ll probably have to wait still a bit.

When support is added, it would be good to have a migration path.
Optionally bisq would auttomatically transfer all bitcoins on old adresses to new bech32 adresses with the lowest possible fee so it will take a while but remain a cheap operation.

It maybe an interesting suggestion, but as for all feature request, it’s better to open an issue on the github.

To do that: one more suggestion:
Create a form or part on the website that takes stuff to github for us so we don’t need to publicly link one more identity and mailadress.
Relying on Github too much isn’t a good idea.

That’s true, but Bisq is now on github since a long time.
You can use the current forum, and github, and many other services with:

  • an anonymous mail address like protonmail etc
  • torbrowser
    Using both is a good guaranty for your anonymity.

Just start using bech32 addresses as change addresses. All the funds will eventually migrate to bech32 addys