Beginner with a goal of contributing

Greetings fellow blockchain enthusiasts. I am determined to learn programming, and start contributing to this amazing project. Does anyone have any suggestions of where I should start? I am already pretty technically literate, familiar with using the terminal, been using various linux distro’s: fedora, debian, ubuntu, arch for many years. I just never dove deep into learning programming, and I believe the time now is to start.

Any kind soul want to point me in the right direction?

All contributions are welcome, and there are many things to do.
The project is very dynamic, so as a 1st hint, I would suggest reading the docs, the github and the slack.
The github has a list of tasks/roles/bounties asking for help and tagged as such.

If you’re familiar with several linux distros, maybe you could help with the testing ?
This also is a good entry point to understand the software.

This answer is 90% incomplete, I can complete it later.