Beginners understanding problems

I am newbie

Some little understanding problems that could certainly be resolved by some advanced users:

  1. I found that only some “bad” very expensive offers are available for me to buy bitcoin, does waiting change this situation? All better offers are greyed out.

  2. As there is nothing to buy, I thought, I put my own offer… like 0.001 BTC that I want to buy paying 1% over market price.
    When I had placed this “my first offer” on bisq…
    I noticed that I had “advanced cash” as payment method. Actually I wanted SEPA… but where can I choose which of my payment-accounts I want to use in my offer?
    In the accounts-section I installed 3 accounts , revolut, sepa and advanced cash (wich is not very common among the offers… so I didnt want to use this one in my offer.
    Thanks for advice.

  1. With a new account you have limits so “better” won’t be available to you. A solution is being worked on.
  2. In the step of creating an offer you can select the account from which you wish to trade. In this video, on the screen at 13 seconds, on the top left you can see a drop-down menu called “Select trading account”. There you can chose the account for the current trade.
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