Best payment method to stay as anonymous as possible?

I am about to create an account and I have been asked what payment method I would use but I got no idea which one to pick… So could anyone please tell me which one would keep me anonymous the most? I think the bank transfer is the easiest one to setup though but I do not really know.


probably “cash/atm deposit” account. idea is to walk into the same banking cartel/institution of the person selling the bitcoin and pay in paper money to the account specified. i imagine this how most transactions occur. very similar. sign up to an email provider like tutanota or protonmail which can be used over tor and have encrypted inboxes. this is to exchange proof to the other party.

in australia, its very easy to send electronically money to any other bank account(but not that easily in some other countries - do your research if unsure). this would be “national bank account” obviously the other person and the banks will know about the transaction, if the person you send money to is dodgy you may be linked to them. but maybe thats paranoia. im assuming the dodgy people have more craftier ways to cash out with higher volume.