Best practices Rig setup

Just wondering what you all might think the best way to setup a bitsquare rig??

Old laptop
Behind firewall??
any hardware, like extra routers (double nat)
Run wireshark? To find hackers trying to snoop around??
any other handy software to run alongside Bitsquare?? Addons??

Any reason to run the particular setup you have??..

Only interested in setups of those who have done something a bit different…

Cheers in advance…

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Bitsquare is supposed to work on as many different OS as possible providing the highest security on every machine using the least possible amount of system ressources.

That being said, the best setup is the setup that suits your needs best.

If you want to provide liquidity and want lots of uptime, you might want a dedicated machine with just the most basic software installed using the least energy and generating the least heat. There has been some effort to run Bitsquare on a Rasp Pi and although this lead to success to some degree, it never reached a real world usable state:

I think a widely accepted OS ranking from a security perspective looks like this: Linux>MacOS>Windows

Another existing setup that you might find interesting is described [here]

Basically, using this method you can access a Bitsquare session running in Google Compute Engine via your Android smartphone.