Best practices Zelle question

Using Bisq for the first time, selling some BTC, payment method Zelle.

the payment is showing to my account as processing. should I wait until the payment is confirmed to “confirm payment receipt” /

or if I Confirm now to avoid delays on him receiving his BTC and the cancels the transfer on his end how could I resolve that ?

I believe it’s very difficult to a cancel a Zelle payment after a user sends it. It seems like most users confirm payment receipt as soon as it shows in their account (i.e., even while it’s still “processing”) but you could wait until closer to the end of the trade period if you really wanted to.

It might help to be pragmatic about it…if you’re trading with a user with a signed payment account, chances are lower they’d scam you. Otherwise, you might want to be a little more careful and delay confirmation.