Best way to add an IBO

I’m developing a cryptocurrency (Ercoin) which is going to use an IBO (Initial Burn Offering): initial amount of coins is planned to be distributed proportionally to the associated amounts of blackcoins destroyed in a specific time window. I wonder what would be the best method to allow participation in this IBO via Bisq and I see at least three options:

  1. Add a “coin” named “Ercoin IBO” which accepts Ercoin addresses as payment outputs. (Transactions would be denominated in blackcoins).
  2. Add a “coin” named “BlackCoin — burn” which accepts custom hex-encoded data as payment outputs. This is more flexible, in particular because it allows creating locked Ercoin accounts with chances to become a validator. (However if one wants to become a validator, then running a BlackCoin node and doing a burn oneself should not be a big technical burden for him).
  3. Add a “coin” named “BlackCoin — custom script” which accepts custom hex-encoded scripts as outputs. This is most generic and it allows even ordinary payments (which can be possibly faciliated via Bisq UI), but it is also most problematic from the technical point of view (in regard to BlackCoin seller), as there exists no easy interface for creating outputs with custom scripts (while there exists a command named burn in one of the BlackCoin wallets).

What are the opinions of the community?

Please verify at first that your altcoin can be listed on Bisq

(Bisq gets a dozen of altcoins willing to be listed at each new release. Understand that Bisq’s devs cannot study each altcoin per se).

I’ve already examined that page and BlackCoin (as this is the currency in which IBO transactions will be performed) meets the requirements.

Ticker symbol: BLK (though a more specific symbol may need to be chosen in this particular case depending on the chosen option, like BLK-ERN, BLK-BURN, BLK-SCRIPT).
Distribution: proof of work.

BlackCoin is Bitcoin-descendant.

If there was no ICO and if you are willing to make a pull request, it might get added. Follow the instructions in the link given by Homrad.