Best way to use Bisq with personal server/NAS

I have turned my old PC into a personal server/NAS.
I am using TrueNas OS.
I have a plex server for all my media etc.
It is obviously always on. My main new PC is not. It would make sense for offers etc, to be on all the time with Bisq.
Other factors: wanting to setup bitwarden (own password manager), and maybe VM for torrents.

What is the best practice - way to go for setup given these goals?

I can use a Virtual Machine on Truenas → to use some real light linux server? Add a GUI to it and then use remote desktop on main PC to remote in. I have been able to do a little SSHing, and getting used to Linux but still fairly fresh.

I did come across Bisq in docker container → but having to use a VM to then do that etc, kind of defeats the point of a docker container apparently, real round about way.

I also have installed a MATE distro of ubuntu, got a gui installed somehow, but cannot for the life of me properly install the Bisq linux app.

Any suggestions, thoughts, recommendations? Happy to hear.

Installing Bisq on ubuntu should be straighforward like downloading the .deb file and launch it via double-clicking on it from the file manager; also I would take the opportunity to verify the file as per insntructions on
Once you have the VM ready, it will behave all in all like a full linux PC