Big mistake made, how do I get in touch? Lost 2k Euro

Hello I’m very new to bitcoin world
and I was trying to make bisq purchase first time this weekend.

I wanted to buy bitcoin with SEPA and transferred money to a polish offer.
I then cancelled the the transaction with my bisq arbitrator because I thought I made big mistake with my bank account, sorry, was very intoxicated weekend, shoudln’t have done anything related to money.

Well so I cancelled the transaction the other party even got my security deposit of 0.03BTC

Now I see it was no mistake and the transfer got through to the actual PL account and now I lost the money that I wanted to buy the BTC with as well. It was almost 2k.

Please polish guy if you read this get in touch, I’d like to receive the BTC if thats still possible.

I’m so sorry for whole circumstances.

What was the trade ID? This should be the six letters and/or numbers in the reason field of your SEPA transfer. @ManfredKarrer was probably the arbitrator; I do not think this was a trade I arbitrated.

it was only five. it was JUBLR

Ok, it definitely was not one of mine. @ManfredKarrer is, I believe, indisposed for much of the day today, but I’m sure he will get back to you. In the meantime, if you are able to contact the seller directly, please do. Things like this have happened a time or two in the past, and sellers have always acted honestly and returned the payment when they realized what happened. I imagine this one will work out similarly.

How can I contact? I have nothing from him, I only have bank details. Nothing else. No contact info etc. If this could get fixed it would be great.

You could try requesting a chargeback and explain the matter to the bank, but that is unlikely to go in your favor as you voluntarily relinquished your money after all. In any case, your bank is obligated to at least request the money back from the recipient on your behalf (even if you have a bad case). Perhaps when the BTC buyer receives a letter from his bank asking if he accepts the refund he might be more cooperative.

I will look later into it (busy the next hours…). I can send the peer a direct message and hope he is honest and send you back the EUR. Please wait with a charge back attempt, that will cause you and the peer just a lot of headache and usually Bisq traders are fair.

Thank you ManfredKarrer!

Hope this works out. If he still wants, he can also send me the money in BTC(to current price + his fee of course) as I still want some BTC.

The situation was just a whole mess on my part that I don’t feel comfortable sharing in public. Hope this workout to the best.

Sorry for all the troubles and thanks for the help! This community makes a very good impression!

i will ask the peer if he wants to do it by BTC, would be faster ;-).
hope that was the only disaster in your weekend :wink:

Trust me, you don’t wanna know :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

Are there any updates?

I sent him a private message in the App and it arrived. I told him he should get in touch with you on the Forum. I cannot do anything more as the case is closed and the payout was done. Hope he is fair and pay you back the EUR or BTC.

Ok, thank you. At least I know he is informed now. I’ll give it 1-2 days otherwise I’ll try to charge back.

Thanks for your help ManfredKarrer!!!

Lets wait a bit longer with a chargeback attempt. he might not react so fast. chargeback with sepa is not easy, you need to provide good evidence why you think the payment was not valid and it will take for sure quite a bit of time. also some banks are very hostile with bitcoin so to tell them about a bitcoin trade might cause even more troubles. some banks have closed accounts when they saw btc related interactions (nothing reported from bisq users, but localbitcoin users).

hmm, but the messaged was received by him, correct? I hope he doesn’t let me sweat this. I know it’s my own fault.

Seems like you had quite some experience with chargebacks related to bitcoin, doesn’t sound that good.
Ok, lets give hime till next week, he should have seen the message by then I assume?

Or polish guy if you read this, please just comment something here, so I know my money is still safe.

I just saw in the app that the msg arrived and he was online, that does not mean he has read it.

I have not much experience with chargebacks, just what I collected for Bisq from others and from forums/reddit/…

I’d just like to give this thread a one more push and hope my polish tradepartner messages me here still and we can find a solution, otherwise I’ll start to initiate a chargeback by the end of this week.