Binance Hack & Tainted BTC circulating

Although ive read in this link Opinions on tainted coins? that bisq shouldnt do anything about tainted coins because it goes against the decentralized nature which i agree up to a certain point, I am however very concerned as the recent attack for example has gone viral to ALL other exchanges which means that if we trade on bisq and buy some of these tainted coins and then move them onto another exchange (because we like to use any or as many exchanges that we like), our funds will then get blocked and account will freeze.

Do you think this is fair? to allow these 7000 BTC to be sold over bisq to innocent people and get them screwed for no good reason?

I believe there should be a small system in place in bisq where the devs can flag a tainted address and anything connected to it should not be able to be transferred and the trade should auto-fail with a red-flag.

I really dont think its fair for the rest of the people who just want to trade honestly and fairly.

If you dont agree… then tell me how exactly you plan on spending this tainted BTC if it were YOU who bought it? by selling it onto the next jackass?

Bisq is not a court which decides what is a “tainted” coin or not. Ethereum has such a system in place.
Coinjoin using e. g. Wasabi wallet will make the concept of tainted coins quite mute.

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Is there a specific site to check the list of tainted addresses? how would the user know when he bought something tainted?

I can make my own list.
Fungibility is essential to Bitcoin, to make blacklists impossible.

I personally believe that no coins should be considered tainted and that every BTC should be treated as equal.

I also think that Bisq shouldn’t be the one that treats these bitcoins unequally with the others.

Centralized exchanges are no authority whatsoever on Bitcoin. If the community decides to accept these BTC for payment, these bitcoins shouldn’t be treated differently by centralized exchanges.


Such lists are a very bad idea, because money only works if all units are fungible.

However there are a lot of projects (JoinMarket, Wasabi etc.) that helps to improve fungibility in the Bitcoin realm.

Maybe some coin join functionality may be included into Bisq in the future…

@kruisof You can check:

if i ever get a little bit of that tainted btc im going to send some to the majr exchanges cold wallets and to faketoshi´s wallets LULZ.

To answer your worry, repeat after me… Wasabi wallet… wasabi wallet…

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