BIP148 block explorer on

The bitcoin node on started yesterday to enforce UASF-BIP148:

The bitcoin code which runs is:

This is the former patch of bitcore insight block explorer that I gathered for v0.13.2 plus a merge of BIP148 diff:

This makes the first block explorer in the world that supports BIP148 !!!
For now (July 2017), the blocks are identical to the main chain :wink:



Which begs the question: What exactly is BSQ?

You may find these services also on the tor network:

UASF block explorer:

UASF bitcoin node:

Lets be patient and wait for the final/official announcement. It will not take long now.

BSQ is the Bisq DAO token. Paper will be release very soon (tonight/tomorrow…)

Thank you, this is so nice - to see BIP 148 enforcement moving forward. Kudos.