Bisq account name

In one of my last transactions I had kind of an issue because I put just my initials for the name on my Bisq account.
A ticket was opened by the seller (he was worried about the fact that my bank account name was different from the name on my Bisq account) but the arbitrator managed to clearly explain to me some basics on that subject and solved it.
I still do not quite understand why you have to use your full name for that. Once the seller has received the transfer and has the money on his bank account, I do not see what could go wrong. But again, very new to Bisq and to the cryptocurrency world.
Thanks in advance for some “lights” on this matter.

I think this is to reduce risk of the seller receiving the payment from a scammed user.
As knowing a full name of the victim would probably require more effort from the attacker in a social engineering attack and increase risk of the attacker getting caught during an attempt to learn this information.

As there doesn’t seem to be a cost of this, since the seller will see the name of the buyer anyway, this seems like a good idea to decrease the risk of a victim reporting such a case to police and getting seller’s bank account frozen for no reason.