Bisq addresses/balances recovery

Hi there,

I have a problem with recovering all the addresses after switching to a new computer (both win 10 based).
I have a backup from late January 2019 and tried to use it as described in the bisq docs but the app doesn’t start. I tried substituting whole folder and file-by-file but the change of even one file crash it. The starting window freezes, gray-like, without going to the staring window.
I also tried to use the recovery option using wallet seed. I managed to recover only few addresses and the full trading history but the addresses with a balance are still not available (although present in the trading history).

Do you have any idea how to bring them back to the active addresses?
I did already deletion of SPV and resyncing of the network several times so not sure if I should have any hopes with this approach?


If there is an issue with Bisq only on your new PC, perhaps you can try recovering your BTC with another wallet.

Bisq seeds should be usable in Electrum wallet as well and some others that support this type of seed words.

Is there anyway to recover BSQ coins from a lost wallet on the app? I have the transaction history and files but after a couple months of inactivity & moving to a new computer it’s not in my balance, even after SPV refiling

When you go to DAO > Network Monitor, what do you see?

How exactly did you “move to a new computer” ?
The right way to do that is to copy/paste your entire data directory on the right place.

Precisely. Went to .local folder, then share folder, and copied that bisq folder to external storage.
Plugged that into my other hardware (after already downloading bisq there) and put the Original ‘Bisq’ file with my mainnet stuff that I put on external, into the proper place.

I wasn’t letting the DAO fully sync, impatience is the root of my demise again.

Thanks for the help everyone!