Bisq and anonymity regulations in Europe

Hello, @cbeams
I’m pretty excited with Bisq and think it adds greatly to anonymity and privacy protection. With cryptocurrencies adoption increasing so fast, new regulations are fast in tackling anonymity in exchanges. How is Bisq going to deal with such regulatory compliance requirements in Europe? (Here’s on article about it:

BTW, I am a SpectreCoin’s user and am really happy that Bisq is adding XSPEC soon! That looks like a good pair to choose for pretty good financial privacy :slight_smile:
Thank you

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Individuals who live in Europe need to be aware of European regulations and make their own decisions about whether and how to comply with them. Bisq, on the other hand, is just code that those individuals choose to run. Bisq is not a corporation or legal entity of any kind, is not domiciled in Europe or any other jurisdiction, and is therefore not subject to these or any other external regulations. Bisq cannot be externally regulated for the same reason that Bitcoin cannot be externally regulated. Both systems are self-regulating through their own code and systems of incentives and deterrents. In both cases, we know that these self-regulatory mechanisms are sufficient, because the systems work and individuals freely continue to use them. There is simply no place for external regulation here, nor is there any justification or need for it. Bisq is free and open source, radically transparent, and non-custodial. This means that, like Bitcoin, individuals are in control of their funds, and anyone who wishes to do so can inspect every aspect of the way Bisq works. Centralized exchanges, on the other hand, are run by third party corporations running proprietary software, taking custody of user funds, and operating in inscrutable and opaque ways. External regulation does have a place there. Any regulatory body who cannot see the difference between these two radically different ways of facilitating exchange transactions is by definition incompetent and will in the end fail to regulate Bisq. Conversely, any regulatory body who is competent enough to see the difference will immediately recuse themselves from the task of regulating Bisq, for they will understand it is both unnecessary and impossible to do so.


Thank you so much for such a lively and bright answer! I’ll definitely use Bisq.
It’seems SpectreCoin has just been added today to Bisq, so I can only wish all the best to Bisq and Spectre.


Hi – I selected to show the Spectre (XSPEC) alt coin in the list. It shows, but there are no trading capabilities available. Can someone tell me how to get that working?


Probably there are just no offers for it yet. You can click the button to either sell BTC or buy BTC once you have selected that altcoin you wish to trade in the drop down menu in the main screen.

For example, you want to buy XSPEC with BTC. You select it in the drop down then click on “I want to sell BTC”. As there will probably be no offers, you create a new one by clicking the button for it that will now appear on your screen.

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Thanks for this! I’ll tinker around some more

VERY good reply C <3