BISQ app is not opening on Windows10


I just downloaded BISQ for Windows 10 now. I installed the program, but the app never start.

What is wrong?

Hi, is this v.1.2.8? Please try v.1.2.7 instead for now.

If this is v1.2.8, could you please try to launch the app with following arguments: --ignoreLocalBtcNode=true

We are working already on this issue, but the argument above should be a temporary workaround for now

@Roken If you are a developer it would be great if you could confirm if following PR fixes your problem:

We do have someone else who has a similar problem, but I’d love to verify that with you before building a hotfix release.

If you are not a developer please let me know as well, so I can provide you a Windows binary for testing.

Hello christoph,

Thank you for your reply.

I am not a developer.

By the way, how can I do that "try to launch the app with following arguments: --ignoreLocalBtcNode=true" on Windows 10?

Only when launching from the shell as far as I know. But in your case just overwrite your current Bisq installation with the v1.2.7 (website was reverted to this version) and everything should work again. We are working on a hotfix release for this problem, but it might take one or two days.

Ok. I see the website is displaying 1.2.7 version indeed. I downloaded it, installed it again (before uninstall 1.2.8) and at least the app opened now.

However there is a warning about connection failed. So it´s not possible to do anything.

any remedies? BISQ v1.7.2 is not opening for me on Windows 10. I tried installing 1.2.7 but with that the icon won’t even appear

I can see an issue has been created here: BISQ 64bit 1.7.2 won't launch on windows 10 · Issue #5648 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

I think GitHub is the best place to resolve this issue.