Bisq-APP on Android and privacy concerns

Can the Android APP be safely used without leaking any personal information?

The Bisq Android APP dependents on Google Play Services.
You know the one that scan your apps and data (*only for your own good, of course) and calls home regularly to report.
The App does not work on a Google free LineageOS phone. Great, isn’t it ?

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The APK can be downloaded directly from Releases · bisq-network/bisqremote_Android · GitHub without having to use the app store, regarding what @AndyCC says about it not working on LineageOS, I did not verify myself

I use the Aurora Store on my LineageOS. No Google Play Services, no Google Play Store. All my other Apps (11) work flawless without the Google Play Services. The Bisq Notification App is the only one I found not working on my Google-Free phone.