Bisq app, OS SUSPEND, switching wifi networks

Should I close bisq to switch between wifi APs? I’ll be sleeping the PC times also. Can I just leave bisq running or should I close and reopen it?

Better to shut down and restart if you know a notwork disconnection will happen. But Bisq can recover in such cases to reconnect, but a bit moire risk for missing P2P network data. So its more safe to restart.
If OS is in standby mode Bisq will get disconnected. We added a feature to avoid automatic standby (playing a in-audible sound in the background), not sure it that works on all OS and in all circumstances but at least on OSX with appnap.

You may give it a try without anything running, ie without open offers from you, without trade(s), without dispute, so you see how it does.
But certainly best to follow Manfred’s advice: better close and reopen.