Bisq app with wallet on unrecoverable Hard Drive

My Bisq app was on a Hard Drive that is erased. I have my seed words, my password. I have a BTC offer current on Bisq. Could you please advise me on how I can recover my wallet that has BTC on it?
I can not determine what the best thing to do from comments I have seen in the forum.
I have a copy of the backup file from my wallet.
I want to resurrect it on my Laptop that runs Linux Mint

If you have no open trade or dispute you can access your BTC with the seed words. Funds for offers are only locally reserved and not locked up in a multisig (like the trade).
So just install Bisq new and restore the wallet from seeds words (account/seedwords).

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Well Ill try that…thanks

yes but I have an open trade. How long do I have to wait for the money to appear. I sold BTC. Will the transaction go through automatically?

Trade can not complete without you successfully, it will end up in arbitration.

It is very different if you have an open trade. As when the trade starts your BTC are locked in a multisig with the other trader and the arbitrator. Without completing the trade, dispute usually gets opened and you might lose your security deposit as you couldn’t follow the protocol. Your BTC trade amount however will be returned to you, at least if the other trader didn’t send the payment.

If you only have your seed words and password, then your client wouldn’t really know information about the trade. As for where the funds are, it depends on the arbitration process.

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If you have a backup then use that. If the backup was done when the offer was created you should see all as it was before. If not then your offer is not there anymore but no worry the funds reserved for the offer will be in your wallet. If you don’t see the expected balance (cross check with cmd+e - there the balance must match the balance in the UI of available+reserved) then delete the spv file at settings/network.

No I dont have a backup. But I have the seed words and my password.
However I did the restore using my seed words and some transactions are listed.
Balances are zero. Also it wont let me look at the seed words unless I enter the password.
I am entering the password correctly but Bisq is still saying it is the wrong password.
Also a dialogue box flashed up, then disappeared that said I should contact developers to fix the wallet.

Do you maybe know the trade ID of your open trade? Or email of the other trader?

You still have your private keys, the only balance that might not be showing up is the one in your open trade. Hopefully you didn’t lose your security deposit, but your trade amount should be available to you.

If you have restored from seed words the password is deactivated.