Bisq App Won't Upgrade to Tor v3

I recently tried to upgrade the Windows Bisq app for the 1st time in perhaps 6 months. I got the message to upgrade from a Tor v2 address to V3. I watched the video and read the article on doing this and after backing up, removed the hiddenservices_backup folder and re-started Bisq. Unfortunately it defaulted to my old V2 address. I notice there is also a tor folder and a sub-folder in it called hiddenservices. Do I need to delete this as well? I have funds in my account so I’d prefer not to start from scratch with a new account if possible. Thanks for any assistance.

The article to follow to this extent is Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki
You deleted the backup folder which won’t alter your onion address, while to change that you would need to close bisq, delete the hiddenservice folder, then restart bisq.
Or better yet, follow the given link :slight_smile: