Bisq automatically shuts down with error - problem synchronizing DAO state

Every time I load Bisq it automatically shuts down with the following error:

“There was a problem with synchronizing the DAO state. You have to restart the application to fix the issue.”

I can’t do anything in the program before it kicks out the error and forces me to shut it down. I’ve restarted the program about 20 times including reinstalling and it still has that error. Any tips?

Do you have active trades/open offers and/or funds in your Bisq?

Usual remedy I apply, unless someone techier knows exactly what’s up and can suggest a more direct approach (possibly to delete some files in the db folder regarding DaoStateStore), is to rename the data directory Data directory - Bisq Wiki and start bisq anew. It should work after bisq create a brand new data folder.
After that, you can choose what to restore in there from the original data directory you renamed (wallet, onion address, past trades and so on Restoring application data - Bisq Wiki