it would be nice to know more about the Bisq Martrix chat rooms.

Why want the developer switch to the Matrix chat rooms ?
What is wrong with the Keybase chat rooms?

I have now an Matrix account at an different server than matrix.org or bitcoin.kyoto and use the matrix web-client (Riot/Olm).
To join the Matrix Bisq chat room I had to add matrix.org als “index” server and could than join Bisq.

  • Someone please describe to me how everything is connected in Matrix.
    • Matrix Homeserver ?
    • Matrix Identity server ?
    • Matrix room public index server (matrix.org ?) ?
    • Matrix room server (bitcoin.kyoto ?) ?
    • Why is bitcoin.kyoto rejecting room listing requests ?

I could not get a local Fractal Matrix client to work because it can’t handle “device verify requests”.

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This might be an interesting read:

On the other side, Matrix is an open protocol, decentralized by design, with several supported clients, a web-UI one (element) which is fully featured for users who just need to ask once and don’t need to install anything on their PC. It reflects much better Bisq philosophy.

Regarding the other requests, I wouldn’t be able to answer you… other users having problems joining, found out they weren’t properly joining bisq space on Matrix, usually reaching from bisq.chat solves that

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√ Thank you.