Bisq crashes after synchronizing

Hey guys
I start Bisq, let it synchronize and in the next window it instantly crashes.

Screenshot of crash:

I also noticed my CPU is going up to 100% because of it:

I’m using Windows 7 64bit, no av software installed.

Thanks for help!

You should probably check out the log file at “C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bisq” for any errors.

Do you know how much RAM does your computer have?

Thanks for your answer, computer has 8GB RAM.
Should I copy the content and paste it here?

Can you download the lastest release (released yesterday)? There have been an issue with the amount of tradestatistic data downloaded and processed which is fixed in that release.

Did it, same issue :frowning:

Can you look at the processes running on your PC ?
(sorry I don’t remember the key combination for windows).
This looks strongly like an AV issue.

I don’t use any AV software…


I notice a VPN manager running.
Sometimes there are issues with Tor + VPN.
Could you try without your VPN ?

Problem solved.
Uninstalled Bisq, deleted Bisq folder at AppData\Roaming\ and installed Bisq again.
Also works fine with VPN.

I uninstalled it before without deleting the folder but it didn’t help.

Thanks to everyone!!

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same here i got 64gigs of ram and it shot my ram up into the yellow and crashes everytime I load it and I got a beast of a rig! no VPN nothing