Bisq crashing on Windows 10 after synchronizing

Bisq successfully installed on my computer, but it consistently crashes moments after synchronization (sometimes even before it’s complete). It seems to be using a lot of CPU, and my computer has 6.00 GB of RAM; task manager is showing that it occasionally is topping off the CPU when running.

I’ve tried uninstalling the app and deleting the Bisq folder and reinstalling, as well as disconnecting from my VPN, but the problem persists.

I am running the Wasabi Wallet app (which uses Tor) as well. Could that be causing an issue? Is my computer not robust enough? Or is there another issue?


Hey there. I can’t speak on whether wasabi and bisq run well together on windows but they do on Ubuntu. Have you looked into turning off your Anti virus, it’s a known issue that it can mess with the Bisq app.