Bisq DAO Cycle 8

Cycle 8 is in progress right now. This thread has the following purposes:

  • encourage the community to make last-minute proposals if desired (e.g., compensation)
  • cover outstanding proposals
  • alert the start of voting cycle phases
  • review results when available

The schedule for Cycle 8 voting is as follows:

  • proposal phase ends at block 608 106 (just a few hours from the time of this post)
  • voting takes place between blocks 608 257 and 608 706
  • vote reveal takes place between blocks 608 717 and 609 166
  • vote results are known shortly afterward, and next proposal phase opens

Each of these phases will be announced as new comments in this thread. Follow this thread so you don’t miss the announcements.

Last-minute proposals

Generally, proposals should be thoroughly-considered and thoughtfully written, and (ideally) informally discussed with the community beforehand to gauge general opinion (see guidelines here ). Therefore it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to make a brand-new proposal now (it would, however, be a good time to plan, discuss, and draft a proposal for the upcoming voting round).

Exception: compensation. If you’ve done work for the Bisq network in this cycle, feel free to post a compensation request. Here are instructions on how to do that.

Outstanding Proposals

Aside from compensation requests and reimbursement requests, these are the proposals up for voting:

Generic proposal

  • Add Italian as a core language across software, website, and video subtitles (link)

Parameter change and new bonded role

  • Change donation address owner (link)

Please read through the proposals for more information.

Blind voting is in progress. Just over 200 blocks left to cast your votes.

Vote reveal is in progress. Just over 200 blocks left to get your Bisq node online so it can make the transaction.

Cycle 8 completed a few hours ago, and results are out.

A write-up will be posted shortly.

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