BISQ DAO SYNC stalled during trade

Hi team,

Seems my bisq dao sync has stalled or is behind the lead block. Currently “awaiting blocks…verified 703,897 of 709,337”

I had a transaction take place buying some bsq around the 709,000 mark. Mainnet says its in my wallet but nothing is being displayed.

  1. Can I confirm my transaction (expires in a day) before I sort this issue out?
  2. How do I fix?

I’ve tried restarting the software and pc. Outside of the DAO, it looks like I am synced with the last block “bitcoin mainnet…at block 709,337”

I am not tech savvy, this is my first trade and I have been working at getting bisq to work for the last 3 months. Super exhausted from the efforts.

thanks in advance

  1. Don’t confirm the trade until the BSQ shows up in your wallet.
  2. Keep trying, eventually it will download all the blocks. If it stalls, restart Bisq and it will continue. The issue is known and there is an improvement being delivered in the next release to speed it up.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Got it, thank you so much