Bisq does not start


Installed the latest version of the program, 64 bits, like my system. But after starting nothing happens, a couple of times reinstalled, did not help.


Please, give a bit more informations.
What is your OS ?


Windows 10 Pro x64


Do you have an AV (AntiVirus) running ?
a firewall ?
Under windows there may be issues with some AV.


Everything is disabled. I do not know what the problem is, maybe need any dependencies to work?


Is it your own personal computer ? your own personal connection ?
There is a tool on windows which shows the running processes.

Did you download an executable, or are you building from sources ?

If you can have a look at your windows logfiles, they may contain info about why of this situation.

I’m myself on Debian/Linux, so sorry but my rememberings about windows are quite far.


Yes, this is my personal computer. Stationary. I used the installer to install (I apologize for the tautology). When you start the program, the process appears in the taskbar and immediately disappears.


:frowning: Help…


You can look at your data directory that is at C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bisq . Here are all the files that Bisq uses.

You can look at the bisq.log file for any errors or warnings at the end.

If you have your seed words or made a backup, you don’t need to worry about any coins you might have had in your Bisq wallet. You can always rename Bisq’s data directory and start from scratch.