Bisq forum will be down during a server and domain transfer

This Friday, on 1st of December, from 13:00 to 15:00 CET Bisq forum will be down due to a transfer to a new domain and new server.

This is part of a constant effort by Bisq developers to further decentralize the Bisq project.
Bisq developers will be passing on the control of the forum to me to run it on a domain and server owned by myself.

I am honored to get this privilege and responsibility and I hope you guys will find me a hospitable host of our forum for the time being. :blush:

Hopefully there will be no issues during a transfer after which this domain will redirect you to a new domain, once all of the forum content is transfered.


Thanks @alexej996 for taking over the Forum! Decentralize all things :wink:


it would not be bad that even the forum could be a Bisq option, and the messages could also be P2P, to avoid the hijacking of the domain. In the future … not now.

Communication tools will be the next big challenge. But first get the exchange completed ;-).