Bisq gets stuck on connecting to Bitcoin network (Bitcoin full node)

Hi all,

I have been fiddling with the Bisq network settings in order to connect Bisq to my Bitcoin full node on the same machine, which works over Tor. In this process I deleted the SPV chain.

Now when I start Bisq it successfully creates a Tor node and connects to Bisq peers. However the app never proceeds past the initial screen as it keeps trying to connect to the Bitcoin network.

I tried shutting down my computer (Mac) and reinstalling Bisq (1.1.7) to no avail.

How do I fix this? Any help is much appreciated!

Issue solved: my local full node was in pruned mode. Side loading the full blockchain solved the issue.

Lesson learned: pruned nodes are useless for anything other than the built in wallet.


I had the same issue but a different solution by finding this reddit link.

I solved it. I had to add the following to bitcoin.conf of my Bitcoin Core version


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