Bisq is dying with 1.1.1 . Most trades have stopped

With the release of 1.1.1 the markets are not as liquid as they were before. Probably the last scam attempts which accounted for less than 5% of trades have now resulted in Bisq being unusable for the other 95%

This is not an optimal solution at all and you are hurting the user base especially when it appears that a new release is multiple months out. You should be able to tell by looking at the daily and weekly volumes. Even innocent users cannot trade


The next Bisq release is planned in the next days.
Contributors agreed on proposal
Increase buy limit for new accounts from 0.01 to 0.02 BTC

which may be included.
Have your fingers crossed.

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My Bisq 1.1.1 kept locking up on Windows 10 - to be killed in task manager. Updating to 1.1.2 did not solve this. Unusable to make markets!

You should open an issue at
and upload the concerned part of the logfile.
It’s the only mean to have some informations about what’s happening.

We realize this isn’t optimal. The solution isn’t straightforward…not even centralized exchanges have figured out a way to stop scammers. We recently determined a strong first step ( and will have it implemented soon.

The problem with scammers is they impose “minority rule”…even if only 1% of the Bisq user base is evil, if they succeed, they’ll scare the other 99% away, so they must be blocked.

Updated to 1.1.2 and still cannot take offer for 0.02 btc since my account is less than 30 days old.
But as a btc seller, I cant make offer for up to 0.0625, which doesnt make sense to me.

Is the new limit really increased in this release ?

The limits is still 0.01 BTC, and it’s not clear if the limit will increase, as the proposal was a bit controversial (

Limits aren’t imposed on sellers because it’s impossible for them to charge back. The risk is with traders buying with fiat.

The limits are indeed not modified with release 1.1.2.

cannot take btc buy offer above .01 either, thus selling btc.
this limit still doesn’t make sense.

plus if the only point of having a limit is to avoid charge back, why would I be limited to .0625 when selling then ?

That’s a limit for new accounts. 30 days after you created your account, the limit will increase to 0.125 BTC and in another 30 days to 0.25 BTC.

I’d read that already but thanks for the reminder.

That doesn’t answer the question about why is there such limit for btc sell since there are no charge back issue on the seller side.

Oh, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you a little bit there…

That’s actually a fair point, if the limit was put in place because of chargeback risk, there shouldn’t be a limit when selling BTC. But I don’t think chargeback risk was the reason for these limits, as they also apply (much higher, though) to altcoin trades, where there’s no chargeback risk at all.

No, this is something else. There is a new limit for accounts younger than 1st of March that doesn’t increse over time.

The trading limit wasn’t there just for chargebacks. It was a security measure to manage loses easier, I think. Now the limit is extra small for chargeback risk, this is there to limit making too much damage in short period of time.

If someone gets access to someones bank account and only sends a small amount, the owner could relise in time, make a chargeback and the account will be blacklisted in Bisq.

I know, I was replying to the second paragraph in the post above mine, which is a question about the “normal” new account limit. I read @ep.sys’s posts like he already understood that the “after 1st of March” account limit is a different limit that only applies to BTC buyers.

Ok, sorry :slight_smile:

I’m on version 1.1.2, I have an account that is more than 30 days old, and the app still won’t let me create Buy orders more than .01BTC. Is there any update on loosening these restrictions? Aside from the liquidity concerns, it would seem like there’s also a privacy leak in that movements of BTC around that amount over an extended period of time can be reasonably attributed to Bisq activity.

There is a proposal to increase the limit from 0.01 BTC to 0.02 BTC.

This proposal has been voted in the DAO and accepted by a majority.
DAO/Governance/Vote results/Cycle 2
(a good reminder that all BSQ owners can participate to such votes)

Theoretically this limit increase should be implemented in the next release.

Awesome, thanks for the update. Any word on when that next release might be expected? I remember seeing something along those lines before the most recent update (the one after the one that implemented the cap) but it never seemed to be activated. Also, shouldn’t the caps be lifted anyway once I have an account with a long enough of a history?

Looks like it wasn’t in the next one after this, but hopefully the one after?

What’s sure is that the devs are working on that atm.
If it will be ready for next release is another question.