BISQ logo in high resolution for print?

Hello everyone.

Iam organizing crypto conference in Czech Republick in september, and would like to promote BISQ. I cant find a logo in high resolution for print to A1 format. Exact size of poster will be 140x84 cm.
Can someone help please?

Thanks a lot in advance. Pastor

Hi @Pastor

That sounds great.

You can access logos here: bisq-design/logo at master · bisq-network/bisq-design · GitHub

Here is also a slide deck template for a Bisq presentation I created last year:

If you need any assistance with anything please reach out to the #growth channel on Keybase

I am sure Bisq would be happy to give a shoutout to the conference on its socials etc

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Can you share some info on that conference in september?
Also in DMs if this is not allowed here.

Thanks @Pazza

Iam sorry for such a late reply. The conference was a huge success (1000 people). We organized a BISQ workshop and displayed one big BISQ banner. For next year (Septermber 2022) I was thinking to move the partnership to the next level and would love to contact someone with a proposal and discuss a possible official cooperation. Can you please direct me?

Your presentation and artwork are great. If you allow me, i would be happy to use some of it.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @Pastor thanks for the follow up. Great to hear the conference went well.

It would be great for Bisq to get involved in September 2022. Bisq often exhibits at the Bitcoin Conference organized by Bitcoin Magazine.

You are able to make a proposal to the DAO for funding for the conference.

For reference here is a previous proposal for Bitcoin 2020 and Bitcoin 2021

Yes use or change any of the the artwork you like, that is what is is there for :slight_smile:

For information on proposals see here: Proposals - Bisq Wiki
Might also be worth you connecting with other Bisq users on Bisq’s Matrix rooms to see who else would be interested in helping you: Matrix - Bisq Wiki

Thanks a lot for your help, i will definately make some proposal.

A good opportunity to actualy install and try Matrix :slight_smile: Thanks for your recomendations.

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