Bisq mobile not syncing

Hi, I am trying to use Bisq mobile for Android but I am not able to pair both desktop and mobile app using the pairing token provided in the mobile one, once I put it into Bisq desktop (v.1.7.2) nothing happens in Bisq mobile (current version in Google Play). Is this feature working?
Thank you.

Yes, it works, but there is no signal once the app is correctly paired.
Once you start a trade you’ll get a notification when your peer pays or you need to take action.

Thank you for your answer. Let’s see if my current orders get some event and I can interact from Mobile app as I need to travel without my laptop!

It is not working at all, I receive push notifications that lead to the landing screen:

Unfortunately, receiving push notifications is all I am able to. There are others who don’t, but I don’t know the way to make the notification app work as it should. Is still good to have, at least if you don’t have a lot of simultaneous trades.

Try deleting all the notifications in the bisq app (assuming it has worked at some point?). I have had it stop sending me notifications on occasion and usually emptying out notifications helps.

No, it never worked. But I already tried clearing notifications and nothing happens. I hope BISq devs release a working version soon.

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