Bisq need to grow how to make it happen?

I like to express my point of view about Bisq trading policy and low volume. It is two kinds of trade: crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat.
I understand the need for deposit in fiat trading. But crypto to crypto I think must be more convenient, no need for any deposit. It can be done automatically as soon as someone accepts orders and deposit on multisignature address.
Look how many new users come to Bisq but not trading because stuck with deposit and can’t trade as on many regulated exchanges by simply with no any fee place/accept orders. if I like to trade 10-20 different coins I have to make deposit for each! and pay fees even if I like to cancel.
Multysignature was designed to avoid all of need for third parties and enable automatic exchange between crypto.
Here no way someone not sent payment because coins shift after both parties fill tempo addresses created by program and locked on this address unteal shift or cancelled.
So what fore all this dancing with deposits?
Many exchanges grow 20-50 times during the last year, but Bisq stuck because system is not works right way, keep traders off by really not a convenient way of trading.

So, the current system is ok for srypto-fiat, but not for crypto to crypto and many exchanges do not even have any fiat and there lots of volume.
Bisq need to make crypto to crypto exchange different, so traders can start the app, simply take orders by deposit requested amount and get his coins on his address without any extra movements.

As well need to be no any fee to place or cancel orders for both fiat or crypto exchange! this is what keep people out! Most people can’t run computers all the time, the fee must be taken from COMPLITED ORDERS not charge for attempt to sell or buy!
almost NO ANY exchange charges you for trying to sell/buy!
It can be limiting for number of offers on each coin in 24 hrs to keep flooding out.
Also, it will be great if the trader can sweep paper wallets in bisq platform.
hope some day Bisq become #1 :slight_smile:

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Yeah, crytpo to crypto could be done without arbitrators and still be secure and decentralized and we should definitely do that as soon as we can.

I think Manfred was looking into this, but I think he said it wasn’t trivial to implement so he would rather focus on other things, like DAO to further decentralize Bisq and generally move Bisq towards v1.0. There are already decentralized altcoin exchanges as far as I am aware, but Bisq is only decentralized fiat<->crypto exchange, so I believe that was mostly the focus of Bisq.

As for the fee part, maybe we could think of something better, but it is not that simple.
We need offer’s to have a fee as otherwise we would get a lot of fake offers and Bisq would be unusable and successfully DoS-ed.
Maybe we should try to think of something however, but nothing pops into my mind at this point.

Adding the option to sweep paper wallets would be cool :blush:


Bisq needs to add ETH/Fiat options. I used to use Bisq quite a lot but now that the bitcoin fees and txn time are super high, it doesn’t make much sense.

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I gave a short response to this in the topic you created about this