Bisq never finishes initializing

I’m running Bisq 1.3.6 (upgraded from 1.2.3) on Mac Catalina (10.15.5) but it never gets to a point where it can show any info about the Order Book (for example). Bisq says to wait upto 2 minutes after starting for it to catch up and be fully connected to the network. However I’ve been waiting for over 3 hrs, and still nothing to show for it. My own account info is there, and the record of my previous transactions. Just no info about the Market.

And FWIW, the log keeps spewing out entries like this…
Jul.-15 17:36:01.542 [JavaFX Application Thread] WARN b.n.p.s.P2PDataStorage: We received an expired protectedStorageEntry from peer 7gpctj7uufal42av.onion:9999
Is that related?

Bisq seems to be communicating with TOR peers ok, just not getting any data.
I’m tempted to delete the whole app install with its data and reinstall, but I would loose my account’s reputation of my previous transactions and account age.

Any ideas?
I’m happy to supply more data if you need it.

I think this problem might have something to do with an inaccurate local system time. The machine clock’s timezone and current date time combination are out by hours (on purpose, secops). When I put them back in alignment, Bisq immediately stops generating the above log warnings (about receiving expired entries) and does in fact populate the Order Book and Markets.
This seems to be a big assumption by Bisq app. I don’t think it should be relying on system time. Perhaps it could get the time from BTC network - inside each new block. It would be pretty up to date, and then Bisq could just run a timer until the next block arrives.

Seems like that would be your problem. Don’t many applications cease working if the system is inaccurate?