Bisq notification app is not informative

Hello everyone. Please, can anyone let me know if the only thing I ever saw in Bisq notifications was the word “Notification”? No numbers, no messages. Nada

I recently received a notification that someone took my offer, with ID reference number. Maybe push notification says just “notification”, but for me that’s good because of privacy.
What I miss it’s a “send notification” to confirm that device is correctly paired.

Thats right, it basically can only tell you to look at the program for more info, some times I can not figure out what it was trying to notify me of. Annoyed I ended up coding up a python script that checked for notification windows in bisq every 5 minutes and sent my phone a useful message using pushbullet, but thats a very advanced solution to a not so bad problem

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I did not realize that, it was not a problem for me because I don’t have too many offers at the same time.