Bisq on 2 comuters

Can I have Bisq installed on 2 comuters? I mean same wallet(account) but not running simultaneously? As I understand, everything is stored locally so I would need copy backup folder from on pc to other every time, right?

Yes, you would have to back up and import the folder to the other computer, so it’s not very practical.
Never run the same Bisq instance in parallel, your wallet will get corrupted.

If you are going to run Bisq on two computers I would recommend two separate instances.

You can export/import your payment accounts by following the guide here: Backing up application data - Bisq Wiki

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So do I understand correctly, that the safest method to avoid getting it corrupted is: having 2 instances - with diferrent seeds and wallets, comunications… Could I use same SEPA account (same owner name) for both instances? I guess that signing and aging would go for both instances(same account) independently. So using already signed SEPA account in one PC, would appear as new,unsigned account in other PC.

You can export the payment account, although I’m not sure if there’s no inconvenience in using the same payment account at two different instances in parallel.

Yes you can use the same payments account of both.

When I did it the signed status is transferred but the aging what reset on the new instance to 0 days. So it takes 30 days again before limits are removed.

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If you use the same account details and also same salt the sign status and limits should work the same on both instances with no time delay.