Bisq on Android?

I do understand that making all that code takes time and efforts. Don’t think for a second that I don’t appreciate that.

However, are there any plans on getting Bisq to run on Android? It already runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. So since Androud is by far the most popular OS, I wonder if that isn’t something down the pipe in the foreseable future?

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@PepeLapiu Do you mean the Bisq pairing app? There is one for Android, check the google play store?

No, not the notification app. I mean it would really allow Bisq to grow a lot if we could run Bisq on Android and iPhone.

I just bought a laptop so I could run Bisq. I haven’t used a laptop or desktop in well over 12 years. Who needs a puter with a cord when everyone has a cordless puter in his hand?

Basically I trade Bicoin on Paxful and HodlHodl. And I can accept trades 21 hours a day as I have have my phone on me all day long. And buyers lose patience fast. If you pick your nose too long, they move on and look for an other trader.

So if I want to offer that kind of service to potential customers on Bisq, I have to lug my laptop around everywhere I go. I bet not many traders are willing to do that.

Right, i see what you mean. Eventually, something like that might be built. But the BISQ app is quite technical, especially since everything is running through tor. Making an app that actually works properly is probably quite challenging. I’d love to see that in the future though!! :smiley:

Hello guys, right now I’m trying to create Bisq Android App just for fun. You can check here: GitHub - sp4wna1/bisq

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Hi @Sp4wN that is great. Is it using the new API?

Hello @Pazza , I was using the mempool - Bisq Markets just to test the api. Now i’m trying to init the official project.


My video testing the Bisq API with Android + Charts.


Great have you seen discussion about the app development here:

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