Bisq on ARM

I have tried installing bisq on raspbian on armbian without success. I didn’t try much before looking for instructions. I found there was a bounty for this was paid out in 2016. Is it still possible to run bisq on ARM? If yes, perhaps up to date instructions could be placed somewhere? If not, maybe a new bounty could be an idea?


afaik it is possible to run bisq on ARM, but you’ll have to compile from source, with the proper libraries.
Somebody did it and indeed the conclusions were related here on the forum.
But, alas, it was also mentionned that it was too slow to be really useful.
This is probably one of the main reason this track was not continued.

Last time I looked, raspbian had also no torbrowser available.
So it seems the raspberry community is atm not greatly interested by those topics.

Thanks. I did try to compile, but it failed. With my limited skills I figured I would ask before I spend too much time trying. As long as it runs fast enough to
a) keep your offers showing
b) notify offer taken
I wouldn’t mind having to log in from another device to setup and complete the trades.

The last technical discussion on the topic is:

but that’s from 2016, and many things changed since.

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