Bisq on MacOS – Extremely Slow, Unresponsive

Hello bisquists,
I use Bisq on MacOS Mojave. Bisq is extremely slow, sometimes unresponsive, fans always full throtlle. It happens all the time, even after restarts. Is that expected for most MacOS users?

If so, what is the ideal platform to run this big software? Windows, Tandy, Amiga or Linux?

Thanks for your help.

Have you already given it time to sync the DAO? The synchronization process can be resource intensive, but afterwards Bisq should run normally.

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In fact, Bisq turned quiet after running for about an hour. I think it’s best I move my Bisq data from my laptop to the desktop computer so that I can leave Bisq running all the time, and thus making it synced permanently with the network.

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I found this troubleshooting if your issue persisted. I haven’t tried it yet. Frequently asked questions - Bisq Wiki
The worst is at the beginning. It’s similar to running a Bitcoin Core node, but quicker. Once your node is synced, less computer resources are needed.

I recommend you Linux, not only for Bisq but for any cryptocurrency related issues. Generally speaking, it’s safer.

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