Bisq on raspberry pi 3W

I successfully installed and run bisq on a 64 bit debian stretch PC.

Now I would like, if it is possible, to install and run bisq on a raspberry pi 3W.
I tried with the 64 bit debian download, but, not so surprisingly, it doesn’t work.
amd64 not ok for armhf.

I did read here that there was development and even bounties to have bisq running on raspberry.
So I assume it’s still possible ?

Could somebody please point me in the right direction to do that ?


I found this installation script from one of the past threads, I am not sure if it works though.
Never used it myself.

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Has anybody installed bisq on a LattePanda Win 10 board yet? I might pick one up soon.

I’m having trouble when using that script and how it’s interacting with the rest of the installer code. I am going to introduce a thread soon as a definitive source for Raspberry Pi 3 installation.