Bisq on Tails

Considering the fact that Bisq is a P2P application with a major focus on decentralization and privacy which will only benefit and gain usability with more and more users joining in, it is a little surprising that there is no info on how to install and configure Bisq successfully on Tails. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would highly appreciate a step-by-step guide for beginners. Would any of the those in the know be willing to elucidate the process?

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You still need to tie Bisq to your real world ID for fiat exchanges. What advantage will TAILS offer you? Bisq currently operates over TOR.

If you’re buying BTC on an ATM that doesn’t require ID verification, there is no such link. Apparently there are some people using Bisq on Tails so I’m thinking it must be possible. The main advantages of this OS are certainly in terms of privacy and security in general, it just gives you a different level of protection altogether. It’s great that Bisq is using TOR, no doubt, but some aspects make Windows or even Mac quite a bit more vulnerable, which is why Tails is gaining popularity with those who want to be safe as safe as possible when dealing with their funds.

Did you straight forward install it with dpkg -i bisqPackage.deb and ran it and it doesnt connect? What is the issue exactly?

Quote: “What is the issue exactly?”
Maybe I should rephrase my original post:

Tails is very secure and designed to make it hard to mess up the system, a side effect of which is that it doesn’t necessarily make it easy to install additional software. For a user who is new to Tails OS (and also not as tech-savvy as most of you guys), it is difficult to find info on how to successfully handle the challenge. This is especially true for Bisq, as for the application to run smoothly, it is inevitable to allow for in- and outgoing traffic without compromising the security of the OS, which requires in-depth knowledge.

A noob-friendly consecutive step-by-step guide in plain English on How to install and configure Bisq on Tails. Tried and tested by someone who knows what they’re doing.

BENEFIT of providing said step-by-step guide:
The ever-growing community of Tails users will see an incentive to join Bisq, which is conducive to Bisq in every aspect of the fact that its success is inextricably linked to the size of its user group.

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