Bisq out since 2014, yet only 20 trades at once?

All I can think is, what the heck is being done wrong here? This should be in the millions per day. Something like Bizq seems like the best idea for crypto trade bar none. I’d much rather see a GUI that resembles qbittorrent, with ZERO transactions fees, because its the right thing to do, and will rocket into the public sphere and irrevocably take over like bittorrent has. BCH would be the fundamental coin at the very core of the system, and any ethical coin that sticks to satoshis original model and principals. Segwit coin adoption would probably not take place at all. Good step in the right direction, either way. Keep up the good work and the good forks.

Uh, your post is all over the place. It would be really helpful if you separated your thoughts in multiple posts without duplicates. It is quite messy this way. You also seem to have created another posts with very similar content that keeps getting edited all the time. This makes it quite hard to track.

First of all, it is Bisq not Bizq :smiley: It is a first I see this mistake as the name is written at the top left corner and is kind of hard to miss.

You should make a separate post for the GUI suggestion.

Transactions fees can’t be zero, for spam reasons and for the reason that trades operate over a blockchain like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash. These are called base currencies and only these are supported right now. I think it will be hard to get developers to add BCH as well for the base currency.

Segwit adoption in Bisq depends on bitcoinj library, to my understanding, so we might have to wait for that.

I will repeat my main point again, just to make sure you understood. Please don’t reply to this post with another long post with multiple points. It is hard to have a discussion about it this way.