BISQ platform

Technically it is doable, but practically this needs to be very careful.

Each running Bisq app has indeed it’s own data directory.
If you want to use the Bisq app with the same data (accounts/wallet/etc), you have to bring properly your data, each time, from one computer to the other (ie always synced), which is not so practical.
Badly done, this will result in a mess.

Separate computers = separate accounts, is probably much simpler.

In any case, better begin with only one account, and understand really well how it works.
Before trying with a second computer.

There are 2 things here in Bisq that you can carry over. Your onion address that is associated with local reputation on other peers clients (amount of trades they did with you) and your payment account (bank account).

If you want to create the same account on a different Bisq client with a different onion address, you can follow these instructions.

If you want to keep your onion address, then you can’t run Bisq on 2 PCs at the same time, as Tor hidden services will get confused. You can however, simply transfer your data directory from the old PC to the new one.