Bisq Product Awareness

Hi All,

I have developed a product that is designed to drive traffic to lesser known exchanges such as Bisq with the intent of driving up the platform’s user base. Is there someone from Bisq that would be able to speak in a more private forum?


Hi Jason, you can direct message me here on the forum, thanks.

I’m embarrassed to say this but I’m not sure how to direct message on the platform. I assume that this is not a direct message, and when click your profile I cannot find an option to do so. Additionally, I can’t find an option to create a new message in the message center. Would you be so kind as to please direct message me first?

Can you try again. The trust level was set by default to 1 for PM and as a new user you have 0. I changed to allow OM with trust level 0. So it should work now (click icon of Chris -> PM).

Got it. Thanks!