Bisq promoted at a trade event

This wednesday I assisted in Madrid to this event, How To Invest in Cryptocurrencies, organized by a very important hispanic trading forum where a lot of traders (I’d say about 200, maybe more), I guess most of them very new to cryptocurrencies, were attending.
On the “How do we buy cryptos? and Wallets” part, Iñigo García showed a comparation between main exchanges. 5 of them were displayed and one of them, was Bisq. I was very surprised. On the powerpoint, it said that it was on the mean in easy of use, high amount of cryptos to trade, that it was the only decentralized, that the quality was very high (the best in the comparation), and that there’s no smartphone app.
I was very amazed to see Bisq in this event. I did not expect to see it compared to all major exchanges and with very good results.
At the end, I spoke with Iñigo Garcia. He’s a soft dev (mainly ETH, for big enterprises) and used Bisq since a year or so.
I will contact with him to give him some BSQ when I have access to them. Maybe I’ll open a request. He deserves it.


Thanks a lot for the info! Great to hear!