Bisq recover

I am changing computers. I have my Back Up folder.
old computer - I am having the issue starting bisq taking too long to open the app completely, when it opens it tells me that is connecting to the network, I can’t see or create any offers.

New Computer- In my new computer I installed bisq and following this Backup and Recovery . I only replace the following folders and files
Log files
I deleted the SPV chain as well.

Now the aplication opens fast and almost everything seems normal. only my balance is going up and down by itself like it is linking my BTC addresses.
I haven’t done or tried anything else than opening the app …

Is ts fine to only replace these files??
Or is it better to replace the whole bisq folder?

I still have copies of all files and folders.
Please give me some advice.

Thank You

Hi check out this wiki:

I would recommend backing up the whole directory

You will then need to update Bisq if you have not used it for a while: Bisq Downloads ‹ Bisq - A decentralized bitcoin exchange network