Bisq software no longer communicating

I have sold bitcoin to 3 different users of which one I have recieved fiat but there is no button to confirm that I have recieved the fiat, it simply says “wait until payment has started”.

I have 2 additional trades where it says waiting for bitcoin confirmation (for more than 12 hours now). Here I was the seller also. I’m pretty sure the error message when I start the Bisq software caused me to no longer be connected to the Bisq software.

It all started when I recieved error message when starting Bisq: A transaction was rejected from the network.

Reject: tx “thebitcointransactionID” for reason ‘dust’ (64)

good evening…
I have exactly the same error message and my payout to my private wallet is not executed.
Could you solve the problem already?

Greetings robert