Bisq stopped launching suddenly on windows 10

Hello Team,

Kindly help, Bisq has suddenly launching in windows 10 , i tried to uninstall and re- install bisq but nothing works, i saw the log file and it logs as Cannot invoke “bisq.common.setup.GracefulShutDownHandler.gracefulShutDown(bisq.common.handlers.ResultHandler)” because “this.gracefulShutDownHandler” is null i have the entire log file which i can show.

In My file bannedSeedNodes= is also blank.

My BTC is stuck with bisq and app is just not opening. Kindly please help to restart bisq in my windows 10.

reinstalling Bisq will not solve any issue with the data directory, which is probably your case, maybe the last shutdown was unclean and the data is corrupted somehow. You didn’t lose any BTC as long as you backed up your seed.
To make sure it’s just an issue with the data directory (Data directory - Bisq Wiki) you can try renaming that one to something else, like Bisq.original, and then relaunch bisq, which should work and give you a brand new instance. If this is the case, you can try this guide I made Last resort restore - Bisq Wiki