Bisq stuck in payment confirmation and lock found

Hi all,

At the beginning of this month, I have inserted a buy order in BTC to EUR market, i have matched the trade with another guy that i already know (the world is smaller than we think).

The trade is being stuck at the beginning so the sell side opens a support ticket, at this point my trade is stuck, my found are stuck so I have no money and BTC, in this case is not a problem because I know the other party.

But the transaction still stuck requiring for a confirmation, i have opened a support ticket but no response, the other side can confirm that he recived the amount.

Thanks for you time.

You should get a response from the arbitrator in 24h.
If you don’t, then there might be problem with the connection or something, in which case you can post arbitrators onion address here and we can contact him over the forum.

This is the arbitrator onion address: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999

Thanks for your time.

This is @keo’s trade. You can PM him with your trade ID and he can look into it, if the dispute is still open.

The same thing happened to me twice in a row. Both times, the arbitrator stopped the trade, and we had our deposit and maker/taker fees returned. First time, maker fee wasn’t broadcasted. Second time, the deposit wasn’t broadcasted.

Is there any specific settings that you are running?
It would maybe help determine the cause of the issue.
Are you running local Bitcoin Core nodes?

I left all the settings at default. I am running a local Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 node.

Is your Bitcoin Core node pruned or a full node?

Bisq might have trouble with getting all the transactions from pruned nodes and Bisq automatically connects only to a local node when it detects it.

It’s a full node - it’s been working predictably and smoothly for my previous 9 trades, then I got 2 in a row stuck. The first time it got stuck, I’m positive that I started Bisq BEFORE my node was fully synced. Second time it got stuck, my node was fully synced.

The Bitcoin core node must be synced before you start Bisq. Tough it should also get the transactions aterwards but i saw some issue in the past if Bitcoin Core was syncing while sending Bisq txs (as well when sending a tx from Bitcoin core while in sync).