Bisq sync frozen

Upgraded from 1.1.5 to 1.2
Bisq has said its synchronizing DAO and its been stuck on block 601,560 for 3 days
Where do I find support on fixing this?

Hey, Are you trying to upgrade to version 1.2.7 ? What Operating system are you using? Is the only issue that the DAO wont sync. Are other features working within the application?

1.2.7 running on linux mint.
Everything appears to work other than constant message that its “awaiting blocks Verified 601,560 blocks out of 620,023.” Hasn’t changed at all in at least 5 days

Hey, alright, first thing to try is to re-sync the SPV file, here’s a guide - Let the re-sync complete and let me know if that fixes it.


UPDATE: Strangely, Cinnamon froze, and when I restarted cinnamon Bisq suddenly started syncing. Bisq was never restarted, but I did see a sudden spike in swap file IO when cinnamon was restarting so it might have been a memory issue of some kind. I didn’t have any other apps affected and my monitor showed over 10GB available RAM when Bisq was frozen, but nevertheless it started working with a cinnamon restart.

Hey, well im glad that the restart helped. I know that there is a memory leak issue for linux clients. Perhaps this is affecting macOs as well. Did you take a look at your bisq.log file, is so did you noticed anything strange at the time of the freeze? Any info you can give us may help us in the future :slight_smile: