Bisq update! Great!

So far it looks great!!.
Really noticing some of the details like fees have changed, and popoups giving valuable info too…
It just works!!
Thanks soo much for your effort on this …

Initially I was confused about it not being a liquid as normal centralised exchanges but now I see it as a feature… No bloody bots!!!.. I love that its not crowded with people trying to manipulate prices…

I really do see my fees as support for your team… Well done!!
Loving it!!


Thanks fro your feedback!
When the DAO is out you can get BSQ and with that a 90% discount of the fees. With that the support is much more direct and you become part of the project (if you hold some BSQ).

Also fee are relative to market price distance. So the closer you are to the market price the lower the fee (down to about 0.5 EUR, less than mining fee).

Oh cool.;
I read the white paper on it but I was not sure how I could earn bisq… Id like to be a contributor but Im not sure what I could do… Possibly help of the forum or arbitrate… Im doing what I can to keep bids going in aus… Wish I could help more… And BSQ is just a bonus…

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I think I have read it wrong I thought only contributors where able to get BSQ??

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If you have traded in the past or have been active in the community u can make a request as well!

Oh great!!.Sign me up!!
BTW I still would like to be able to do more though even if I have to learn some skill?? Is there someone who may be able to advise? Or is thereany PR or forum type roles that could help out?? Anything to free up your time and keep you doing the things you enjoy /add value to, woul help the ultimate outcome. :slight_smile:

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Ill check whitepaper again on how to apply for bsq…
Thanks again…

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